Residential reminders: limb drops, nuisance ordinance, pop-ups

Beware of sudden limb drops over summer

Residents are reminded to be wary when walking under trees this summer as to not be concussed or killed by falling limbs.

In a July 26 post from the city, trees regularly undergo a process called evapotranspiration, where they “draw up extreme amounts of water during the day, and then, through their leaves, they release moisture into the air.” On a hot day or when there’s a drastic drop in temperature in the area, trees do not expel any of the drawn-out moisture, and the increased weight typically causes the limb to snap and fall.

The city not only wants residents to be wary when out, but to also report any fallen limbs around the city to the community services department at (909) 399-5431.

Not all downed limbs will be of immediate concern to the city. Those that spot small downed limbs near their property are asked to place them in the green waste container. Medium limbs, if movable, should be placed off to the side to allow for regular walkway or roadway traffic. Contact community services immediately at (909) 399-5431 for assistance with large limbs blocking roadways, sidewalks or private property that cannot be moved by mere mortals.

Motel nuisance ordinance

In Claremont City Manager Adam Pirrie’s latest weekly newsletter, it was noted the city council recently, as part of the 2022-24 budget process, directed staff to “evaluate nuisance activity occurring in and around local motels and use a collaborative approach to abate the activity, including consideration of a nuisance motel ordinance.”

City staff are said to be currently gathering input and plan to bring a proposed ordinance to the planning commission and city council later this fall. For more info, read City Manager Pirrie’s newsletter at

Shade structure news

Any type of shade structure in the City of Claremont — whether portable, collapsible, or permanent — “can only be placed in a rear or interior side yard area of a residence.”

Areas where structures reside must be completely enclosed with a wall, opaque fence or shrubbery no less than five-feet tall.

For more information about shade structures, contact the community improvement division at (909) 399-5499.


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