Claremont Manor celebrates Halloween with OLA choir

It’s not every day a school choir comes to visit for a holiday performance all dressed up in Halloween attire. But that was the case for Claremont Manor residents who watched and listened to a selection of scary songs from the Our Lady of the Assumption school choir. On a picture perfect, party-cloudy 75-degree day, students from grades 5 to 8 were happy to parade by residents to show off their costumes. That included Manor neighbor Bonnie Ferrell, who recognized some of the students. “The kids from OLA are so great, it’s really nice to see them here today.” COURIER photo/Peter Weinberger

Lucky for everyone in attendance Spider Man stopped over to check out the event. He was also hanging out with Titus Forester, 3, before the festivities began.


Even with masks on, the 50-student OLA choir could be heard loud and clear.


Manor neighbor Bonnie Ferrell heard about the show in advance and came over for all the fun.


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