CLASP honors former program director

With over 100 in attendance, there was no shortage of people ready to show support for CLASP (Claremont After-School Programs) during their annual event on Sunday. The gathering was in part a fundraiser, but also focused on honoring Jan Creasey, photo above, the CLASP program director from 2015 to 2021.

Creasey’s leadership and commitment played a key-roll in developing and implementing the group’s digital needs for at-home teaching and learning during the pandemic. This enabled them to create new ways to tutor students of all ages for online homework help and more. Now they look forward to welcoming their students and volunteers back for more in-person academic support.

This fall CLASP opened four in-person tutoring sites and three online tutoring sites. The in-person programs will meet for 90 minutes including snack time and 75-minute tutoring sessions.

Even during the pandemic CLASP’s drive and mission never wavered, especially given students needed more help than ever adjusting to online learning using Zoom. There mission goes as follows:

To help elementary-school children enhance their academic, organizational and social skills by providing high-quality after-school programs in Claremont Unified School District neighborhoods.

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