Condit fourth-graders mark snowfall with haiku

by Mick Rhodes |

After a rare snow flurry at Condit Elementary School last week, fourth grade teacher Summer Bonner recently tasked her students at the north Mountain Avenue school to write haiku about the experience.

The resultant creativity was just too impressive and cute to resist, so the Courier asked Bonner for permission to share them with our readers. Here is your collective dose of fourth grade artistry:


Snow, Down, Down

Lightly floating down

And when joy filled inside me,

I sprinted outside

— Madison P.

Snow In Claremont

Snow started falling

It hailed it snowed to ground

At my Condit school.

— Samantha P.

Snow From Claremont

The Snow from Claremont

Was soft and fluffy and cold

In my hands like ice.

— Flora M.

When It Snowed

My eyes looked outside

And I saw white snow falling

It came down slowly.

— Anthony C.

It Snowed

It snowed in Claremont

It was cold and in small spheres

The snow was so fun!

— Amelia K.

Crazy Snow

Everyone comes out

Five minutes of craziness

Playing in the snow.

— Soren R.

Snowflakes Fill the Sky

To fill half the sky

Shining snowflakes fill the sky

Snowflakes on the ground

— Penny E.

The Snow

The five-minute snow

It was like powdered sugar

It was beautiful!

— Brooklyn G.

Surprising Snow

It started snowing

I ate the delicious snow

I had a great time.

— Aliyah C.

A Snowy Surprise

We saw snow come out

Twirling swirling everywhere

Softly coming down.

— Sabine L.

Snow from the Sky

Snow from the blue sky

Falling slowly from the air

Landing in my hair

— Alex G.


Crazy snow falling

The comes down, too much fun

Snow is so much fun!

— Morgan F.


It’s snowing! Snowing

So that it bonks off the roof

Make a big ice ball!

— Quincy E.


How could this happen

This is so impossible

It actually snowed!

— Malachi D.

Snowfall in the South

Today, it had snowed

Oddly today we saw snow

Snow? Here in the South?

— By Lilly V.


The snow was pretty

All though it did not stay long

It was cool to see.

— Avery C.

Snow in the South

Snow is magical

Soft ice falling from clouds

In the warm south parts.

— Simon B.

An Icy Surprise

It was hail but snow

The snow was soft but icy

The land was all white

— Vivienne

Snowy Day on a Dark Night

It was super cold

It was freezing and snowing

And it was so fun!

— Deacon H.


When I saw the snow

The snow in school was chunky

Snow was on the ground.

— Preston L.

Snow in an Instant

Came out of nowhere

Like flakes falling from the sky

But it disappeared

— Noah D.

An Astonishing Snowfall

A gaze of fresh snow

Each snowflake flies over thee

Each one is so unique

— Sophie L.

The Snow

Snow is beautiful

The snow was so beautiful

I wished it stayed here

— Brooklyn G.

On This Unexpected Day

It snowed on Wednesday

Frost flaky white bright snow

On this very day.

— Hannah K.

Snow in the Forest

Snow is falling down

Like the Wind

The snow is small flakes

— Cruz A.


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