SAHS faculty elated with attendance, seeks more parental involvement

Students cannot learn unless they are in the classroom. Which is why the faculty at San Antonio High School was so encouraged during the Thursday, January 23 Claremont Unified School District board meeting.

With the goal set at 95.5 percent, they surpassed the goal with a 97.2 attendance rate last year. It’s a mark worth celebrating and shows the increasing interest SAHS students have in their education.

However, being a continuation school, they also announced their mobility rates increased to 85 percent. This rate describes the rollover of students that just pass through rather than stay throughout the year.

“I just wanted you to get an image in your mind…its high compared to other schools. The students you start off with won’t be the students you end up with at the end of the year. But that is the kind of challenges you get,” said Sean Delgado, principal of San Antonio High School.

One of the biggest goals however, does not directly involve the students. It centers strictly on parent involvement. School site council president Maggi Mendoza made a passionate presentation about the importance of reaching out to parents and community.

Ms. Mendoza described her own experiences interacting with parents as nearly nonexistent. This year, to help them reach their goal of increased parent involvement, she has personally reached out to parents on open school nights and by sending out newsletters in both English and Spanish.

The attention the faculty has provided for the students has many buckling down to get the grades to graduate. A San Antonio student shared her story of watching her friends go from constantly in trouble, to constantly studying.

During their presentation, Mr. Delgado shared that San Antonio puts in more teaching hours than is required by state regulations. These extra hours come in the form of Saturday School, a program set up as a disciplinary requirement and a way for absent students to come in and work. Mr. Delgado has students volunteering for Saturday School in order to have a school environment to work.

English teacher, Melissa Salter shared that the staff is proud of their teamwork and how well they work together. San Antonio will continue to offer Saturday school and want to start a merit program encouraging students to participate.

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—Christina Collins Burton


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