OLA students rank high in academic achievement testing

In celebration of Catholic School Week, Claremont’s Our Lady of the Assumption (OLA) School published the results of their 2013 8th grade Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) scores, demonstrating intensive academic achievement, which has been the hallmark of OLA since its inception.

The ITBS is one of the standardized tests administered in schools, including Catholic schools, across the country. As students who tested in their 8th grade year in September, OLA students ranked at high school levels with an average core score of 11.4 (11th grade, 4th month).  

In English, students averaged 12.7, with reading at 10.4. In math, students averaged 11.7, with science scores averaging 11.2.

“The fact that our students continue to perform so well really speaks to the instructional program we have in place, as well as the ongoing support from parents and community,” said Bernadette Boyle, school principal. “Our teachers put heart and soul into their daily curriculum, and the results are tangible given the student performance we’re seeing in our classrooms, as well as the vast success seen by alumni.”


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