SAHS students close to making ASB store a reality

Student leaders from Claremont’s San Antonio High School Associated Student Body (ASB) were challenged to create a business plan for using a Rotary district grant of $1000 to plan and stock the ASB store, designed and built last school year by the students with a Lefler grant from Rotary.

The project provided a framework for students to learn important planning concepts and skills, useful in business and in life.  Students assessed the market and developed a plan for furnishing the store (shelving, refrigeration, displays), purchasing inventory, using sustainable business practices, and being accountable within a limited budget.

The students understood that their business plan for specific purchases and uses for the grant, and accountability and internal controls for running the store would be reviewed by Claremont Rotary Club members before the plan was implemented.  Rotarians will also serve as a sort of audit team after the store opens, maintaining mentorship with the students.

School officials report that the students spent many hours researching and developing their plan.  They also held several fund-raisers during the year to raise money for the initial inventory for the store.  In mid March, on behalf of the ASB, Mohamed Tarifi (president), Kareen Al-Habib (treasurer), Elainne Laura (secretary) and Monae Morales (ASB member) presented the business plan to Claremont Rotarians and school officials.

They began by expressing the mission of their organization and their vision for the store: “to become a part of the cultural backbone for the school; a place where all students and staff feel welcome and comfortable.” Eight Rotary club members attended the presentation, serving as judges of the business plan.  

The students explained that they viewed the main purpose of the store as helping students learn how to operate a business enterprise, including record-keeping, ordering, cash and inventory responsibilities, as well as creating a revenue source for student attendance at leadership conferences and other school activities.  They deftly answered judges’ questions concerning the plan, which covered aspects of the student market, regulations, equipment and supplies, and other requirements for a successful business.

The judges praised the students for their thorough and professional examination and presentation. Following approval of the plan, the students are now furnishing and equipping the store and further developing the final details to make the new store part of the high school for years to come. 

—Buff Wright


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