Colleges receive grant to improve mental health

The Claremont Colleges are been named among the local recipients of a $235,000 grant by the California Department of Mental Health.

In partnership with the Claremont School of Theology, the Claremont Colleges will split the grant with the University of La Verne and Cal Poly Pomona to develop new programs supporting student well-being and emotional health.

“[There will be] a particular emphasis on strengthening students’ self-efficacy and resiliency,” said Claremont University Consortium Vice President for Student Affairs Denise Hayes in a written statement.

The Claremont Colleges’ Monsour Counseling Center started the proposal and collaborated with the other colleges to promote a multi-campus effort. The schools agreed regarding the need to provide more support for students facing increasing levels of stress, to encourage healthy behavior and emotional stability by teaching students life skills and to equip the families of students to better assist their children when they undergo stress.

All of the campuses will run their own individual programs while continuing to collaborate for shared programs. The schools will start be determining how to improve communication with students.


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