Elementary schools report on academics to school board

The Claremont Unified School District’s board of education reviewed the results of three elementary schools’ Single Plan for Student Achievement reports at its last two meetings. The reports measure how successful each school was at meeting the goals it set for itself last year.

At the November  2 meeting, the board heard from representatives of Condit and Vista del Valle Elementary Schools.

Condit aimed for the percentage of its students who met or exceeded state English language arts testing standards to increase from 60 to 64 percent, and met that goal. Though the school saw an uptick in students who met state math standards—from 55 to 57 percent—it failed to meet its 60-percent goal.

For this coming year, the school hopes to have 67 percent of students meet English standards and 59 percent meet math standards.

Board member Beth Bingham congratulated Condit on its achievement, and said she’s especially impressed by the attitude of its teachers.

“I have to say that their excitement and their enthusiasm about the school is contagious,” she said. “It really feels like the environment of the school is really very helpful and very positive.”

At Vista del Valle, 63.5 percent of students met or exceeded state English standards, up from 60 percent and just short of the school’s goal of a four-percent increase. In math, Vista del Valle saw a four-percent increase, from 42 to 46 percent. The school hopes for four-percent increases in both fields over the coming year.

“Congratulations on that achievement in math, particularly, that’s really terrific to see,” board member Hilary LaConte said. “That’s a hard category to nudge, so you did a great job.”

At the October 19 meeting, Oakmont Outdoor School presented the results of its goal-setting.

Oakmont exceeded its goal of a three-percent increase in the number of students who met English standards —it saw a 17-percent jump instead—but did not meet its goal of a three-percent math increase.

For this school year, Oakmont hopes the percentage of English-proficient students will increase from 50 to 53 percent and the percentage of students who meet math standards will increase from 27.4 to 30.4.

“I just wanted to congratulate you on that ELA result,” board member Nancy Osgood said to Oakmont’s representatives. “That must have felt really, really good to shoot for three points and get 17, so that’s wonderful. I think as you go up in that percentage, it’s going to be harder and harder and you’re going to have to claw and scrape for every couple of points.”

Sycamore School also presented to the board. Exact percentages were not made available by press time. Look for a report on this next week.

The school board meets again on Thursday, November 16.

—Kellen Browning



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