Pertussis vaccine needed for 2011 school year

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The Claremont Unified School District requires that all

students entering 7th through 12th grades for the 2011-12

school year will need proof of an adolescent whooping

cough booster shot (Tdap) before starting school. A copy

of immunization records or written proof of a Tdap shot

will be collected at your child’s school on registration day.

Students who do not have proof of receiving a Tdap

booster shot will not be able to start school until proof is

provided. The tetanus-diptheria booster shot, Td, will not

meet the requirement.

Tdap will help prevent pertussis (also known as whooping

cough), diphtheria and tetanus (also known as lockjaw).

Registration at El Roble is as follows: 8th graders on

Wednesday, August 24th; 7th graders on Friday, August


The Claremont High School registration schedule is:

Incoming seniors on Monday, August 22nd; juniors on

Tuesday, August 23rd; sophomores on Wednesday, August

24th and Freshman on Thursday, August 25th.

For the next school year (2012-13) and all future school

years, all students entering into 7th grade only will need

proof of a Tdap shot to start school.

The first day of school for CUSD is Tuesday, August



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