Claremont teens, join the UNA-USA essay contest

Local high school students have an exciting opportunity to express their opinions on responsibilities of the UN as a multilateral, multifaceted organization.

The UNA-USA high school essay contest is open to seniors in Pomona Valley. Prizes include $300 for first place or $150 for second place.

In the essay, students are asked to respond to one of the following four questions:

1) The dynamics of global interaction among nations and regions present issues that affect all humanity. How can the United Nations impact these issues through their sustainable goals?

2) The US is currently facing a barrage of foreign policy crises, including North Korea, Lebanon, Syria. The United Nations has not physically intervened in any of these situations. Do you think that the UN should send Peacekeepers to these places, and if so, which one(s)? Explain your reasoning.

3) Examine five of the United Nations Sustainable Goals and explain how they impact the environment.

4) Should the UN attempt to solve civil issues, such as those seen in Zimbabwe, and if so how? Support your thesis with reasoning and relevant examples.

Submissions should be formatted on a Microsoft Word document, 1500 words or fewer, MLA style, 12-point font, double-spaced and include a thoughtful title. Students are asked not to write names in the essay document.

Essays must be submitted as an email attachment by midnight on Friday March 24 to In the email body, students are asked to include their name, high school, current school year  and phone number.

Winners will be notified via email by Monday, April 13 and announced on the Pomona Valley UNA Facebook page.

Students can earn a possible 150 points. Official judging criteria are:

The student demonstrates a clear comprehension of the topic (50 points); the student establishes a convincing and coherent argument (30 points); the student discusses the global implications of the issue (20 points); the essay portrays clear and cohesive style and organization (15 points); the approach and treatment of the topic is original and engaging (15 points); the essay correctly uses and cites research (15 points); the student has adhered to all format and length rules (5 points.)

For more information, contact the United Nations Association of Pomona Valley President Bertil Lindblad by email to or to Mel Boynton, advocacy chair, Pomona Valley Chapter UNA-USA by email to

For information on the local UNA Chapter, visit or find them on Facebook.


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