Upcoming school board to review codes and HR matters

The Claremont Unified School District Board of Education will hold its next meeting on Thursday, August 9 at the Richard S. Kirkendall Education Center at 170 W. San Jose Ave. in Claremont.

Action items will include a vote to approve shared school site waivers for Danbury Elementary and Community Day schools, which are connected with Sumner Elementary and San Antonio High School, respectively.

The waivers seek exemption from Education Code Section 5282, stating that each school participating in a coordinated school-based program must have a council composed of a specific principal/teacher/parent/student ratio.

Fulfilling this requirement would entail maintaining a council of 10 individuals, including 5 parents or community members, at Danbury and a council of 12 individuals, including 3 parents or community members and 3 students, at Community Day.

It’s standard for such waivers to be granted to sites with less than 120 students. Exempted schools are still required to elect a council including representatives of staff, students and parents and/or community members. The waiver must be renewed every 2 years.

The Board will also vote to approve the exemption of 55 CHS students from the 2-year physical education requirement. This waiver will allow the students to make room in their junior- and senior-year schedules to enroll in other courses such as English, math, science, foreign language, social science or arts.

Additionally, there will be a vote to approve new job descriptions created by Human Resources, which recently reviewed existing descriptions of management positions to ensure they aligned with current job duties and functions. Revamped descriptions include those for the principal of San Antonio High and Community Day, coordinator of alternative education and nutrition services and the coordinator of the service center and custodial services.

The Consent Agenda at the meeting will include a number of human resources matters, including the finalizing of agreements with a number of contractors. These include those providing speech and language services for the district’s special education students, plus instructors and consultants for elementary and junior high-level music programs and a district-wide elementary music program coordinator.

The public is welcome to all CUSD board meetings. For more information, you can peruse the agenda for the upcoming meeting on the district’s website (www.cusd.claremont.edu) under the Board of Education link.

—Sarah Torribio



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