Test scores give Sumner reason to celebrate

Sumner Elementary School will not

be going into Program Improvement

for the 2011-12 school year.

After being on the Program Improvement watch

list during the 2010-11 year, Sumner increased by 23

points (836 to 859) in its Academic Performance

Index (API) score and met the Academic Yearly

Progress targets in both English and math for all 4 of

its significant subgroups.

“There were certain kids who needed help to get

to proficiency,” said Sumner principal Frank

D’Emilio. “Certain subgroups of ours were not meeting

the No Child Left Behind target and this past year

we targeted the students [who struggled] and were

able to meet all of our targets. This shows that kids

can achieve no matter where they come from or how

they start.”

The elementary school publicized the results to the

school community during a celebration held on Friday.

Mr. D’Emilio and Claremont Unified School

District Interim Superintendent Gloria Johnston congratulated

students and staff for their efforts in helping

Sumner avoid Program Improvement status.

Students then enjoyed popsicles and free time for the

last 45 minutes of the school day.

The implementation of cooperative learning strategies,

Direct Interactive Instruction, interventions, as

well as an increased focus on testing and a good atmosphere

were all components for Sumner’s rise.

“The increases in my class were a matter of focusing

more on the test and being honest about what it

meant,” said Sumner teacher Ron Alpert. “I explained

to them what Program Improvement meant and its

consequences. As a result, the kids took it seriously.


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