Brighten up the holiday with a gift to the CUSD schools

The school budget situation may have improved a bit, but Claremont students could still use some help. With this in mind, the COURIER decided to reach out to each of the schools in the district this holiday season with a simple question: What do you need?

The answers ranged from big-ticket items like computers and other technology to smaller but still crucial school supplies like markers and copy paper.

If you are a resident or business owner looking to make an impact in the community, donating to a local school might be just the ticket. Any gesture can help. As Mother Teresa once said, “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”


Chaparral Elementary School

451 Chaparral Dr. • 398-0305

• Mini iPads for iPad carts

• Small microphone system for classroom

• iTunes gift cards to purchase apps for a single iPad (smaller increments)

• Balls, jump ropes and other playground equipment

• Drums and other musical instruments

• Kid-size gardening tools

• Xerox paper, dry erase markers

• Clorox and baby wipes

• Monetary donations for campus picnic tables, Apple Volume cards for iPad apps, Science Camp trips and classroom chairs.


Claremont High School

1601 N. Indian Hill Blvd. • 624-9053

• Instruments for the band (saxophones, trumpets, trombones, clarinets, flutes)

• LabQuest 2 devices (aiming for eight, but any would be great) for the science department

• “Real” doc cameras for the CHS special education department

• Monetary donations to purchase art supplies or gift cards (Blick Art Supplies, Michael’s, Aaron Brothers, Amazon)

For the CHS math department

• Personal white boards with markers and erasers

• iPads and laptops

• Graphing and scientific calculators

• Geometric compasses

• Sets of geo solids

For CHS English department

• Books for Sustained Silent Reading

• Monetary donations for English department field trips, including funding for sophomore English and world history students to travel to the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles. 

• Gift certificates (i.e., Amazon) for DVD movies of the books students have read and plays/scripts for speech memorization

For CHS Theatre Department

• Grayco airless paint sprayer

• Rowenta fabric steamer

• Rose-brand custom theatre scrim

• Rosco projection screen

• Ceiling-mounted projector

• Lumber (2 x 4, 1 x 3, 1 x 4)

Condit Elementary School

1750 N. Mountain Ave. • 398-0300

•  LCD projectors to replace outdated ones

• iPads for student use in preparing for Smarter Balanced Assessments

• Any Common Core material (novels, etc.) that would be beneficial for the implementation of the new standards.


Danbury Elementary School

1745 Lynoak Dr., Claremont • 398-0335

• 6’ x 4’ foldable PVC soccer goals (Toledo Physical Education Supply-OS-FGBB8)

• Balloon pumps/high-quality balloons

• 30” soccer balls

• Write-Online by Crick Software (for two classes)

• Computer program “Classroom Suite”

• Classroom rug with letters and numbers

• Glue sticks

• CD player and a television

• 14 iPads, iPad keyboards

• Wagon

• Gift cards (CM School Supply, OSH, Lakeshore, Abilitations, Scholastic, Target, Office Depot, Staples, Amazon)


El Roble Intermediate School

665 N. Mountain Ave. • 398-0343

Gift cards that teachers can use to purchase classroom supplies (Office Depot, Staples, Costco, Target, etc.)


Mountain View Elementary

851 Santa Clara Ave. • 398-0308

• Two tripods

• One camcorder with mic jack or external mic

• Two 16-gigabyte SD cards , one 32-gigabyte SD card

• Two 1- or 2-gigabyte xD cards for Fujifilm Finepix cameras

• Multi-card reader

• One USB microphone

• 25 new computers

• Eight picnic tables, six benches

• One iPad cart with iPads

• Reams of copy paper

• Kleenex

• Four large folding tables

• Monetary donations towards field trips, a playground structure, art/music program and reading books for kindergarten/first grade library


Oakmont Outdoor School

120 W. Green St. • 398-0313

• Two-inch 3-ring binders                             

• Notebook dividers with pockets

• Three-ring pencil pouches

• One-subject (wide ruled or college rule) notebooks

• Ultra fine-tip markers

• Blue and red pens, No. 2 pencils, highlighters    

• Lined notebook paper

• Black Sharpies, dry erase markers

• Colored markers like Crayola washable markers

• Hand-held erasers and pencil sharpeners

• Stickers (any type), glue sticks

• Plastic baggies in quart and sandwich size

• Baby wipes  

• White copy paper

• Playground equipment/balls

• Primary non-fiction books or Early Readers (any type for class library)

• PC computers or laptops with keyboards and mice


San Antonio High School

125 W. San Jose Ave. • 398-0316

• Four 11-foot retractable belt barriers to be used for lunch line ($52.95 each for a total of $211.80). Available at


polishedstainless steelsuperbuy.aspx.


• Copies of the book Building the World’s Greatest High School for the newly-established Associated Student Body (ASB) class (40 at $22.49 for a total of $899.60). Available on


• Painting supplies for two murals for San Antonio High School’s new logo and mascot (student-made school art/beautification projects) available at for an estimated $750 after tax and shipping:

– Paint in forest green, silver, yellow and black.

  (Eight 8-gallon containers at $39.98 each)

– Drop cloths (3 at $31.98 each)

– Rollers/pole (3 at $24.98 each)

– Paint trays (6 at $3.48 each)

– One roll of painter’s tape ($15.88)

– Paint brush and combo kit (4 at $19.97)


Sumner Elementary School

1770 Sumner Ave. • 398-0320 ext. 3

• iPads or iPad minis, Mac computers for computer lab

• Camp scholarship donation of $275 or any amount to go towards a child’s payment. (This year’s camp is January 21-24)

• Money toward shade structures for the lunch area

• Copy paper in white or various colors (8 ½ x11)

• Colored pencils, Sharpie pens (color or black, medium or small line), white board pens of any color

• Gift cards for teachers to buy books, gift certificates for educational supplies (, etc.)

• Awards or certificates from local business for student recognition programs

• Playground/PE equipment such as volleyballs, basketballs, handballs, tetherballs, dodgeballs

• Orange cones (standard sized)

• Hand wipes for food allergies, boxes of tissues

• Backpacks for students in need

• Wagon for transporting student council items

• Ten large Rubbermaid tubs for games and books

• Board games

• Art supplies for inclement weather days


Sycamore Elementary School

225 W. 8th St. • 398-0324

• Monetary donations for students to attend Sixth Grade Outdoor Science School

• Highlighters, Dry erase markers in all colors, small- and large-tip

• Fine-point Sharpie markers, in various colors. Very fine-point Sharpie markers, in black

• Blunt-tip student scissors, glue sticks

• Post-it notes of various sizes, highlighting tape

•Twistable crayons and twistable colored pencils

•Ticonderoga pencils

• 70-page spiral-bound notebooks

• Playground balls, soccer balls (used is fine!)

• HP 92 and 93 ink


Vista del Valle Elementary School

Bucknell Ave. • 398-0331

• Two-inch 3 ring binders, notebook dividers with pockets, three-ring pencil pouches

• One-subject (wide ruled or college rule) notebooks

• Ultra fine-tip markers, black Sharpies

• Blue pens, red pens, No. 2 pencils, highlighters 

• Lined notebook paper, white copy paper

• PC computers or laptops, along with keyboards/mice

• Primary non-fiction books or Early Readers

  (any type for classroom library)

• Colored markers like Crayola washable markers

• Hand-held erasers and pencil sharpeners

• Stickers (any type), glue sticks

• Plastic baggies in quart and sandwich size

• Baby wipes  

 •Dry erase markers

• Playground equipment/balls


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