Readers comments: August 26, 2022

Putting Claremont to the test
Dear editor:
Thank you so much for writing your story about Cash Whiteley. It’s bad enough to read stories about “homeless people” as a segment of society and to feel helpless in the face of massive and slow-moving bureaucracy, but it’s another thing entirely to read personal stories about someone in your own backyard.

I am a newly-minted board-certified independent patient advocate with 32 years of experience in the medical field. I know for certain that healthcare becomes more complex and chaotic by the day. Well-educated people of means are having trouble navigating the healthcare system alone these days; it is that much more difficult for people with no knowledge of the system, no assistance, and no money.

You are so correct in your assessment regarding empathy. Our society has grown exponentially narcissistic in the last few years, and empathy has decreased proportionally. Kindness is in such short supply.

You asked what can we do here, in Claremont? If we can’t move the vast machinery of government, can we do something for one man? Could we perhaps start a GoFundMe page for Cash? Could we ask for volunteers, maybe doctors (of which there are many in Claremont) who might be able to pull some strings or provide enough assistance to get momentum going for this man? On today’s Claremont COURIER website, there is a story calling Claremont “The City of Giving.” Could we put that to the test? I’m happy to do my part, but I’m not sure where to start and I can’t do much alone.

Thank you again.
Lori Bleich

 Editor’s note: After 28 hours of excellent, humane care by dozens of great nurses, social workers, PAs and doctors at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center, Cash walked out of the facility at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday. He was just about to be transferred to a county hospital and have his wound treated by a specialist and plastic surgeon. Who’s to say why, but Cash isn’t yet ready to be helped. —MR

CUSD trustee election Area 1
Dear editor:
I was truly looking forward to engaging with the community as a candidate for Trustee Area 1 in the CUSD school board election, but without an opponent, my campaign will look quite different.

Given that I won’t get to run a traditional campaign which would have put me in the public eye, I want to assure residents and community groups that I am still enthusiastic about meeting to discuss my background and vision for the meaningful support we can offer students, staff, and teachers. They deserve our thoughtful attention, especially now. Please email me at so we can arrange a conversation.

As the sole candidate in Area 1, it is not logical for me to raise money for things like mailers and signs. To those who have already pledged contributions to my campaign, I thank you for your generosity and confidence. Please turn your pledge into a donation to one of our wonderful nonprofits that serve Claremont students, like CLASP and CEF, or give directly to your home school site PFA or boosters.

I promise to work hard and to offer a fair and well-researched perspective to the challenges we will work through as a community. A collaborative approach, with ample input from all quarters, is critical to achieving this.

Yours sincerely,
Kathryn Dunn

Council race coverage not equitable
Dear editor:
I just saw the COURIER online splash page and read the article, “Ready, set, go …” about the upcoming council races. It is completely unfair that you should lead off with a large picture of Jed Leano, and include images of the incumbents, but choose not to include any images of any of the challengers. If you don’t have images on file, go get them. The reporter used to be a photographer and probably remembers how to use a camera.

This is just malpractice, laziness, or maybe there’s a message here?

Ludd A. Trozpek

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